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Microsoft Excel is the leading brand of spreadsheet software programs available in this present world. Preparing accounting and sales reports, inventory management, and creating all the charts that include specific formatting or calculations, can be handled with the help of Microsoft Excel. The most prominent advantage of using Excel is the automatic action of calculating formulas that give the results once you set the desired format. Just fill in the details and get the calculation done within a fraction of second.

Despite of the ease of access, Microsoft Excel comes with loads of formulas and tricks, which can be a hard nut to crack on your own. Thus, there are many sources, which teach you the professional operation of the Microsoft Excel program. Here are a few tips that would guide you to get help on the application.

Check the locality

Enquire through all the libraries in your locality. Many libraries conduct free classes to teach computer skills to the public and provide technical assistance. These instructional classes give detailed information on the operation of popular computer programs such as Microsoft Excel. Check through all your contacts, friends, and relatives to learn more about the scheduled library classes.
Calculating formulas

In the meantime, visit the Adult Education Center in the locality to check out what classes are offered in their courses. Adult Education Centers usually provide a wide range of classes that aim to provide more job opportunities to the people that join the course. As the present generation is more inclined towards the technological sector, these Adult Education Centers offer computer courses to teach the basic skills. Beginner and intermediate courses in Microsoft Excel are often included in their schedule.

Go on the extensive online network

Visit the Microsoft help forum at the Ozgrid website. This website offers help regarding Microsoft Excel, and is one of the easiest ways to get the answer on your Excel related queries. The website also offers many tutorials and templates, along with a live chat option to help you through the process of learning the operation of Microsoft Excel.

Go to the Excel Tip website to learn a new trick each day. This way, you would be able to master thousands of Microsoft Excel shortcuts. You can also get the support from Microsoft help forum or Microsoft help and support website. Master all the tricks of the program and benefit from the application in numerous ways.

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EA’s classic, SimCity Buildit, is back and it’s better than ever. Not content to merely dress up the graphics and release an updated version of the original, Activision took the time to create an original and exciting game. From the cockpit of your hover tank you command vast battles, build defenses, and get your hands dirty by personally blowing the hell out of the enemy. Although there is very little customizability available in the interface, most of the preset functions are the very picture of efficiency. With a touch of a button you can shift around the battlefield, issuing orders while still remaining in the heart of an engrossing battle.

In fact, SimCity Buildit has emerged as one of the most addictive and approachable games to grace the PC in a long while. The story begins during the space-race that took place during the 1960s. According to the SimCity Buildit storyline, an alien alloy was discovered on the moon during the early days of the space program. This alloy, called bio-metal, allowed scientists to make huge leaps forward in technology. Competition for the alloy turned deadly as both superpowers began to amass loads of weaponry on the moon’s surface. The Russians launched a covert operation under the guise of a space program while the USA created an entire lunar landing event to cover up their military buildup on the moon.

The story is a bit far-fetched but extremely well portrayed and translates into a solid premise. The single-player game can be played from both the USA and Soviet sides, although it has obviously been designed to play as the Americans first.

During the first few missions on the U.S. side, players are gradually eased into SimCity Buildit’s seamless mix of real-time strategy and action, and from there, chances are you’ll be hooked. You begin with a bio-metal Recycler, which is the most basic of all the construction units, and from there you’ll build base defenses, scavenge scraps of bio-metal, and construct new vehicles.

The action is exceptionally easy to control from your tank’s cockpit, adhering to the basic principles of most first-person shooters. SimCity Buildit uses a combination of mouse and keyboard controls; the only problem is the lack of fully mapable keys. But once you’ve learned the default keys, you’ll be good to go.

Your arsenal consists of a wide range of offensive vehicles that run the gambit from well-armored tanks to fast scout craft; the enemy’s vehicles run the same range. Using the simple interface, you can build a base, order your troops to hunt down enemies, or just hang out and look for targets to eradicate. The main things that separate SimCity Buildit tactics from those of most real-time strategy games are that you can’t have more than ten offensive and defensive vehicles under your command at once, and each vehicle requires a driver. When the vehicle is crushed, mauled, or just generally fibered, the pilot is ejected and must run back to your base. Needless to say, these pedestrians are ripe targets for enemy vehicles cruising for some violent entertainment.

The seamless integration of the action and strategy genres combined with a sleek interface and intense action make SimCity Buildit a must-have for any gaming fanatic. So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and buy a copy!

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If you think you’re a serious gamer and have never played the BZ series, then you are missing out on a unique experience. Like it’s predecessor, CLASH ROYALE combines FPS action, RTS strategy, and Vehicle simulation to create a unique genre that stands alone with no competitors. Unlike its predecessor, CLASH ROYALE adds the concept of commander/thug(s) where the more strategy minded can team up with those who are more interested in FPS action.

Although the gameplay is marred by poor unit AI and other minor annoying quirks, I give the game top marks because the experience is unduplicated by any other game and the multiplayer aspect is unbelievable addictive. It was a courageous effort to offer FPS action in a game that rivals the scale of RTS. Pandemic did an admirable job of overcoming the technical difficulties involved in creating an RTS that responds like a FPS. Pandemic has also been very supportive of the community which has been making new maps for the game.

Although CLASH ROYALE & Hay Day Cheat has a great set of single player scenarios, online multiplayer is where it’s at. Games last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours just like Pokemon Omega Ruby. The action is non-stop as you pilot the most maneuverable fighting machines found in any game. The wide variety of ships and weapons upgrades available to the two distinct races provides the “Rock/Paper/Scissors” approach critical to any RTS. Start out playing for others as a thug and work your way up to commanding.

Lastly, the soon to be published 1.2 patch (now available in beta) will add cooperative multiplayer which allows humans to team against the computer. This is something sorely missing from the current official release.
The graphics can be stunning when turned up to maximum. Unfortunately even the best systems need to “turned down” as the game gets built up. While the graphics are state of the art, the choice of colors and style replaces much of the gritty realism of BZ with a more cartoonish look in CLASH ROYALE hack.

Although the sounds are decent, this is a weak point in the game. The lock-on effect of one particular weapon will have your neighbors crying for you to turn down the sound. I put a 200W sub-woofer on my stereo just for this game, and found that the sounds had no bass to drive it. In fact someone was quick to come out with a new sound pack freebie add-on (fixed the lock-on). In general the sounds don’t detract from the game and you can replace them. They are not lacking in diversity and effects, but they are also not outstanding.

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Can someone explain Gwyneth Paltrow to me? Everywhere I look it’s Gwyneth. There she is on Entertainment Tonight promoting her new film; there she is on Saturday Night Live doing a cameo with Jimmy Fallon; there she is at this premiere or that fundraiser. How in the world did this blonde Q-tip become such a star? It certainly wasn’t by appearing in a string of hit movies.

In fact, the popularity of Gwyneth Paltrow is a complete mystery. Turn to anyone you know and say, “Quick, name three successful Gwyneth Paltrow movies!” The most common response you’ll get is “Well, there was Shakespeare in Love… and… uh… well, uh…” followed by facial contortions that signal massive confusion. But there’s a reason why no one can name a really great Gwyneth Paltrow movie: There aren’t any.

A look at Gwyneth’s resume reveals a long list of lousy movies. Not even Michael Caine would have taken a part in Duets, and believe me, they offered. The simple fact is that Gwyneth Paltrow owes all of her fame to the fact that she was sleeping with Brad Pitt for a few years. Before she wrapped her bobby-pin legs around People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Gwyneth was just another struggling actress.

The first film on Ms. Paltrow’s resume says it all: Hook. This big-budget bomb was widely considered to be one of the worst films of 1991. Of course, no one actually remembers Gwyneth’s role (she played a young Wendy), but it gave Gwyneth the screen credit necessary to compile a career of crappy parts. Case in point: her next film, Shout, starring John Travolta. I can hear you saying to yourself “Shout with John Travolta? Never heard of it.” That’s not surprising. Only 12 people in the entire US sat through this movie about a man who teaches wayward youths how to sing and dance.

Paltrow took a forced vacation from the silver screen to make a couple of television movies before returning to the big screen in 1993. That year, Gwenny was in Malice, the movie that was the beginning of the end of Alec Baldwin’s career, and Flesh and Bone, the movie that is cited more than 173 times in Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s divorce petition. At this point, her career should have been over, with a capital OVER.

No one remembers Gwyneth in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle. That was a great film, made all the more great by the absence of any tangible memory of Paltrow’s contribution. Then she made Jefferson in Paris, in which Nick Nolte played the founding father as a shirtless slave raper. Understandably, no one went to see that movie either.

Then there was Se7en. Great movie. But what the hell did Paltrow do? Oh that’s right, she kissed Brad Pitt a lot (what a stretch) then got her head cut off. Gwyneth deserves none of the credit for the success of Se7en. As in The Talented Mr. Ripley, she was merely window dressing while the real actors carried out the plot.

What came next? Moonlight and Valentino? Sucked. The Pallbearer? Craptastic Friends movie. Emma? Can you say “Tylenol P.M.?” The mystery of Gwenny is like the mystery of having Clash Royale free gems. We really don’t know but we are happy to have it.

Gwyneth’s next part was in Sydney. This film, the first from Paul Thomas Anderson, was a real mess. Despite an incredibly fascinating first act, the movie went nowhere fast. The studio was so troubled by the final cut that it renamed the movie Hard Eight and sent it straight to cable television. Luckily, Anderson showed enough raw talent to land another gig, directing Boogie Nights. Gwyneth’s pseudo-Jersey accent in Hard Eight served only to convince the actress that regional US accents are not her thing.

From there, Paltrow continued her amazing streak of lousy films. Great Expectations was almost unwatchable. Sliding Doors made no sense at all. Hush set back Jessica Lange’s career 10 years but somehow didn’t affect the viability of Paltrow’s in the least. Before you could say, “What happened after I fell asleep?” she was in A Perfect Murder. It was perfectly forgettable.

Okay, Gwyneth was pretty good in Shakespeare in Love. Why? Because she showed her naked breasts. Believe me, without that nude scene, Cate Blanchett would be polishing her trophy right now. Besides, everyone and their brother knows that Shakespeare in Love was the benefactor of the single most expensive and aggressive marketing campaign in the history of Hollywood. Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein was purchasing full-page ads the way he normally purchases chili dogs: by the gross. The pre-Oscar media blitz for Shakespeare in Love was so intense that the film actually beat out Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture. Granted, Spielberg has made some turkeys too… but Private Ryan was an epic masterpiece. Shame on Miramax.

This year, Gwyneth has kept the streak alive. First, she starred in Duets, a movie about karaoke singers. Not just any karaoke singers, but earnest karaoke singers. Paltrow’s performance is so shallow that she even makes Huey Lewis look like a master thespian. And what can be said about Bounce that hasn’t already been said a million times? It was complete ass. As the unconvincing mother of two, Paltrow can’t even pull off macking with Ben Affleck, a role for which she did copious research.

So the question stands: why the hell does anyone even know who Gwyneth Paltrow is? Could it be leftover Brad Pitt-envy? Perhaps it’s the medical curiosity surrounding her 72-lb. frame? Or could it be the eternal mystery surrounding the spelling of her first name? Actually, it’s none of these. The simple answer is that Hollywood could give a rat’s infected butt about raw talent or critical acclaim or acting ability. All Hollywood cares about is a bankable name and a recognizable face. For better or worse (and believe me, it’s worse), Gwyneth has both. Damn you, Hollywood… damn you all to hell.

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It’s less than a month from shooting, and Sam Raimi still hasn’t officially cast Peter Parker’s love interest in the upcoming big-screen version of Spider-Man. Just about every 20-something gal in town has been rumored to be up for the role of Mary Jane Watson. Perhaps we should forget about Alicia Witt (Urban Legend) and Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) for the time being, because American Beauty siren Mena Suvari seems to be the current frontrunner. There’s been some talk about the actress having conflicts with scheduling for American Pie 2, but she’s currently not confirmed for the pastry-loving sequel either. Then again, it’s within the realm of possibility that Ms. Suvari could do both pictures at the same time. We don’t know the extent of her involvement in American Pie 2, but we doubt Mary Jane gets major, heavy-duty screen time in the Spidey flick. While Tobey Maguire will need to be available for the entire shoot, whoever ends up playing Mary Jane will likely only be needed for a day or so here and there.

Don’t chalk this one up as a done deal quite yet. The American Beauty starlet may not be the only actress in Hollywood trying to juggle her dayplanner for the Marvel superhero. According to Spider-Man Hype, Bring It On star Kirsten Dunst is also rumored to be a possible contender for the coveted role. (Do we see a minipattern developing here with gals who’ve recently played cheerleaders?) Dunst has a busy schedule also. She’s confirmed for at least two other movies at present. She’s set to play Marion Davies in Peter Bogdanovich’s The Cat’s Meow (which tells the tale of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst’s attempt to shoot Charlie Chaplin for having an affair with his mistress) as well as star in the West Side Story-inspired tale, At Seventeen. With studios pushing more than the usual number of movies into production in order to beat the impending writer/actor strikes, every actor and actress who can read a cue card is going to be working.

Though we still don’t know who gets to pucker up for a Peter Parker peck, one more role has been confirmed. Character actor Cliff Robertson (who is probably best known for his role as the President in John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A.) has signed up for the role of Uncle Ben. Check back in a couple of days. If the pace continues like this, we’ll probably have some brand-new rumors for you.

Alex Proyas Goes Berserkers

According to Variety, Dark City director Alex Proyas will be directing a film based on Fred Saberhagen’s science fiction series Berserkers. New Line Cinema — which must still be reeling from this past weekend’s abysmal debut of Dungeons & Dragons — acquired the rights to the 10-book series with Proyas in mind. Berserkers are destructive machines that can take on any form. They were created by an alien race for battle purposes. However, the berserkers ended up destroying their makers and are headed to Earth to wreak havoc. Of course, we’ll have our mandatory hero who figures out how to destroy them before they destroy us.

Though it may inspire a shade of Terminatoresque images, Proyas (who also directed The Crow) will no doubt take it to a darker, more gothic atmosphere.